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           Clean & comfortable nice smaller travel trailers, without slide outs.

All the benefits of the larger RV's but just a smaller more modest trailer, that will  sleep 4-5 people.  

Average size water tanks on these units is 40 to 50 gallon. Each RV comes with a 12 volt  marine deep cycle battery ( for lights & to run the water pump)  filled with water & propane,( enough  propane to run the refrigerator for 2 weeks) 

WITH EVERY RV RENTAL - what's included:

- Delivery , set up & pick up & cleaned after event (entrance vehicle pass or ticket to be provided by renter - But paid for by Crosbys)

- Serviced & Tested prior to delivery,  Microwave, Stove, oven, Air Conditioning, bathroom & shower

- Cleaned, Motel Room style, fresh bedding, towels, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, paper plates & cups and soaps & broom

- 12 volt battery (to run lights & water pump - battery must have a re-charge sourse periodically)  

- Filled  water tank & Propane  (aprox 14 gallons)  to run Refrigerator for 2 weeks

       Nice ,basic, earlier model Travel Trailers,  "Motel Room Ready"  as with all Crosby's Rv's .

We pick up and deep clean when you are done.

     Price : Please see prices listed below  ( + $800.00  security deposit, which is refundable , per terms if the RV is returned undamaged)

 TO RESERVE :  DEPOSIT*  OF  1/2  OF THE RV RENTAL PRICE , & SIGNED RV Reservation & Agreement Form

*Crosbys Rvs does not offer or guarantee refunds on Cancellations, BUT  we do allow the renter to find a replacement renter (per age requirements & terms, including a new signed Rental Agreement with replacement renter.)           

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