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​Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC.   

            THE  ORIGINAL AND  ONLY   "BURNER EXPRESS"    ( NO                                        Affiliation with  'Burner express 'Air' )

   Offering shuttle Flights to Black Rock Airport, from Reno, San Francisco  Los Angeles & more, for the past 17 years!!

    Fly in,  & you'll  BYPASS the 6 hour  entrance line &  be waving good bye to the 7 hour "Exidous"  on your way home!

10509 Professional Circle, Suite 201   Reno, NV 89521  

(775) 852-3512



We are currently BLM permitted for 2018 , and have adapted to the changes Buring Man has made.

 RV RENTAL - If your camp is able to provide us with , AA TRUCK ( HAUL PASS that allows 4 hour delivery pass through 12 mile point 1 Vendor entrance) for  2018 Burning Man, we can gladly  deliver RV's to your  Camp - 

    - We thank all the helpful comments from past renters, these concerns are  taken to heart, and then a way found to restructure what we offer or problem encountered and solved. 

- New delivery procedure that will end any confusion or RV condition when received by customer:


 Each RV renter will be required at time of delivery, TO SIGN OFF OF DELIVERED CONDITION  of RV.

 At this time the renter or APPROVED acceptor of RV, will be shown full fresh water on level  meters, empty grey & black tanks, working appliances,  bedding/towels for # of beds,  power (when available) and  insuring them  of getting a comfortable & functioning  RV delivered.

    MOTORHOMES   We will also have a few Motorhomes RV's for rent, that will be for individual rentals.  THESE ARE AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE ARRIVING AFTER TUESDAY AUGUST 28TH, (or earlier if you can provide us with a AA TRUCK HAUL 4 HOUR PASS) for you to enjoy use during the event & we will handle pick up after the event, cleaning and hauling back.

     Our kind and helpful repeat  customers,  who offered helpful ideas & suggestions during past years and have watched us grow and improve the company,  will have first opportunity to reserve a motorhome.


     We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that the BM Vendor program changes has caused.

      We have always operated legally with State and Federal laws, and are BLM permitted,  with approved Special Recreation Permits including this upcoming year 2018, always conducting ethical business practices.

      Where we can improve, we will! 

   If you have any questions:  Click the  " CONTACT US "  button on this website and submit the form 


All customer input  has been a blessing to us,  as a way to know of areas we may be lacking, regarding event, equipment instruction, informing each Renter of the unavoidable limited communication cell  service, delayed text delivery, cell use limitations, and dead zones encountered all throughout the hauling  & delivery routes of staff and drivers, atop distracted driving if trying to reach out, in Gerlach, and within the Black Rock Desert area, education to renters on function &  limitations in desert use, ALL COMMENTS WELCOME,  the only way we can know where we need to improve!



For general questions please

Email us at:


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